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Body Inquiry

The most transformative insight I have experienced when becoming a massage therapist has been how much information the body has to offer us and how little we use the body to help us sort through the challenges of life. Body Inquiry is a way to tune into the sensations of the body in order to gain insight into issues one is facing. We rely so much on thinking as a way to problem solve and although a clear mind and sharp intellect are wonderful resources, the mental realm has it's limitations.

In a Body Inquiry Session I support you in being with sensations in the body and following these sensations as a way to gather wisdom about whatever you may be facing. Sensations are like clues to unlocking a mystery. Pain, whether physical or emotional is transformed into a powerful invitation to inquire more, listen and adjust. Pleasant sensations are open doorways that lead you to your next steps.

In general, a session is about 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes is sitting, listening and discussing specific body sensations. I will ask questions and also reflect back to you what I am hearing. The next hour is your time on the massage table to relax and integrate the new awarenesses you have received from our inquiry. I will tailor the massage to highlight certain insights and address pain and disease.

"Unless the mind dimension of the body and the body dimension of the mind are mutually unified in dialogue their oneness cannot be perceived. The function of words is to excite an interest in having the experience. After having the experience there is no need for the words." --Deane Juhan

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